Where to Get Blog Images?

Based on research, images are the most shared content in the Internet. Out of 71% of world web users who share content online, 43% share images. Of course, the use of these images goes beyond just illustrating text. They are used in a number of ways to:

  • Attract readers
  • Make website more credible
  • Convey emotion
  • Illustrate benefits of a product
  • Lead users’ eyes to certain parts of the page

Due to these undeniable benefits, it is important that you find the right image. There are a number of choices in the market – free images, royalty-free images, better blog images and many more, click here. Choosing where to get blog images determines the quality you will find. Here are two of best places to get blog featured images:

PixelRockstar. Are you working with WordPress? If you are, then this is the best place to get your blog images from. The website has over 4 million high quality, royalty-free images in its collection. You can search and images in just a few seconds. Plus, the pics you download are yours to use forever. If you are looking for easy to use interface, legally safe images, and the best prices, PixelRockstar is the plugin for you. Free to install, you only have to purchase the pack the suits your creative needs and budget.

Stock Photo Secrets. Backed by industry experts, SPS is the image source to have. It has over 4 million handpicked premium royalty free images in the library. You also get to keep the pics your download forever. All images are available in super high resolution and professional royalty free license. You can also create and share your own lightboxes, and follow your favorite artists. If you are looking for images that you will not find anywhere else, this is the perfect website for you.

While free images are scattered around the World Wide Web, we still suggest you get your images from reputable stock sites. There are many choices in the market, you just have to select that one the fits your budget and needs the most. If its high quality and affordability you are looking for, PixelRockstar and Stock Photo Secrets are the perfect options for you!