The People Images Ambition

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One thing that is unequivocally true about they aren’t your average stock photo agency.  Founder Yuri Arcurs set out to design a stock photo vendor that would feel and look different from the competition, and his brainchild PeopleImages certainly lives up to those lofty goals, read our PeopleImages review here.  From the site’s look and feel, the company’s product, is something special.  And nowhere is that leadership and uniqueness more present than in the company’s guiding ambition, “to shoot images that we would use ourselves.”

“To Shoot Images That We Would Use Ourselves”

This sounds like a simple enough commitment, and a somewhat common sense one.  But when it actually gets followed from theory into practice, something revolutionary happens.  Each and every contributor that sells content to PeopleImages is an artist in their own right, and each photographer approaches their business with an artist’s eye.  And by fully committing to only selling imagery that other artists would be interested in, PeopleImages changes the game as far as quality of content goes.

Legendary founder Yuri Arcurs, who happens to be the best selling stock photographer on the planet, claims that he only uses about 5% of the images that he captures.  That is a high threshold for quality, especially since Mr. Arcurs’ “throw aways” are probably more powerful than some other artists’ “A” work.  But it’s the kind of threshold that get’s maintained when you honestly commit to selling a product that other artists would love.

Less Fluff, More Quality

people images ambition

When a larger stock photo agency advertises millions and millions of images in their library, you need to take those kinds of claims with a grain of salt.  Sure, each of the big vendors may offer more than ten million photos to choose from, but how many of those photos are actually artistically interesting from an aesthetic and photography perspective?  If you dig a little deeper into the libraries of many stock agencies, you will find a lot of “fluff” imagery that very few people would ever consider using.

But that’s not the case for  The site’s library may not be as deep as some other competitors, but every piece is high-quality in a true sense of the phrase.  PeopleImages has managed to offer a whole new kind of stock photo site that only sells truly high-quality images, and Arcurs’ got there with one simple ambition: “To shoot images that we would use ourselves.”  As long as he keeps doing business that way, has a long future in the industry.